BTN- The Australian Federation

Link- Australian Federation (old BTN) Summary- Blue Recalls- Orange Questions- Green Insights- Red This clip was about how Australia became one nation and how much Great Britain overruled Australia. On Jan the first NSW, QLD, SA, WA, TAS and VIC joined together to make one country. They used to all be separate British colonies. In 1942 … [Read more…]

Video reflection

Link- ants class Summary- Red Recalls- Green Questions- Purple Insights- Blue  This video was about how Private Suds and Private Thompson are trying to get caught stealing so they can be a convict. Also how they get a punishment that is much worse. They want a life being a convict. Francis falls is the first … [Read more…]

Goals for semester 1

What I want to learn: A goal I have for this year is to summarise what I read more often and concisely find the main idea. I would also like to step up in more sophistication and moving out from my comfort zone, reading new Genres.   List examples of things I could do that … [Read more…]

BTN- First Fleet and The Encounter

Links First Fleet The Encounter Summary- Blue Recalls- Red Questions- Green Insights- Orange These videos were about how the first fleet arrived, also what the Aboriginals thought and saw. Captain Arthur Phillip was chosen to lead the fleet and place a British flag in Sydney cove. There were over 700 convicts in the boats. The … [Read more…]


  “Alright who is next” asked Ramon “me” I said as I walked up. I was nerves my mouth was dry as he hooked me up to a cable. I tried not to look down, at first I could do it pretty quickly but then I slipped and nearly fell. “Just take it slowly and … [Read more…]