“Alright who is next” asked Ramon “me” I said as I walked up.

I was nerves my mouth was dry as he hooked me up to a cable. I tried not to look down, at first I could do it pretty quickly but then I slipped and nearly fell. “Just take it slowly and lean back” Ramon said. I looked down but I couldn’t see where I had to go, but then I remembered how there was a part when it got really steep. I was nearly at the ground but I couldn’t touch the wall. After I touched ground I quickly let Lee untie the cable then I ran up to get a drink of water I had done it and I knew I would not do it again.


One of my favourite activities was surfing. We got to do it with Declan’s group the wetsuits were hard to get on but, I finally had it on. First we got our boards, then we went to do some warm ups then we learnt about the safety rules. After we had done that we got to jump in the water, I felt the cool water pushing me but I was not cold. The day was perfect for surfing and the waves were really big. Then a really big wave came I knew I had to catch it, I started to paddle then before I knew it I was standing up on my board. I felt great then I jumped off my board and swam out to catch another wave.


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  1. antsclass at |

    great work on this! You have chosen 2 exciting moments in camp and brought them to life. I really like the way you focused on description using senses. The description of the cool water pushing on you but not being cold was just how I remembered it. I also love the way you built up the excitement leading up to you catching the wave and also coming down the cliff- both ending with such a clear sense of relief and joy.
    Great work,

  2. Finn Darlington at |

    I really like how your paragraphing and the way you express how you felt both in your cabin and surfing. Excellent work.


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