BTN- The Australian Federation

Link- Australian Federation (old BTN)

Summary- Blue

Recalls- Orange

Questions- Green

Insights- Red

This clip was about how Australia became one nation and how much Great Britain overruled Australia.

On Jan the first NSW, QLD, SA, WA, TAS and VIC joined together to make one country. They used to all be separate British colonies. In 1942 Dutch explorer Aiden Tasman found Tasmania if he had of stayed we would of all been speaking Dutch.

A question I have is how much land did James Cook claim? Also i wonder which was the first British colony in Australia?

An Insight I have is that Victoria and New South Wales both were the best and had the most people.

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  1. pippa2015 at |

    hey Ethan, I think you should choose a colour for the Recalls way different from the Summary, because the two colours don’t really show any difference except a slight hue change.


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