100 WC week28

Creak, the door stiffly opened to reveal a grand hallway with dust coating everything and a single candle burning, “welcome to your new home.” “What is this place?” I asked a quaver in my voice, “and why is it for free?” “Its for free because people say that its haunted” then all of a sudden we heard a scream. The guide bolted out the door yelling at me “the house is yours.” I thought to myself as i walked in the door I don’t believe in ghosts. Then I saw a two figures that looked like they were in the wall then I fainted.

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  1. chiara2014 at |

    Hi Ethan,

    I liked how you started with a sound effect. Next time I think you should reread/edit your 100 word challenge. I also liked how you used lots of dialog.


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