100 WC week 29

My goal for this piece is to not use too many boring words like went and use WOW words instead.

Tap, tap the rain gently hit the window. I glanced up to see outside the classroom where the rain was gently but steadily coming down. Beep, Beep rang the school bell, I jumped up with a start, it was the weekend. Outside the rain was still falling strongly down. I was nearly home but then i saw something on the ground I bent down and saw that it was a magnifying glass and next to it was a ant pushing a little droplet of water.I sprinted inside snatched my phone and jumped outside to take a photo of it but it was gone.


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  1. indigo2014 at |

    I really liked it because it was so creative. I really liked the “WOW” words.😉
    Awesome job!
    Keep writing!
    (the queen)


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