100 WC- The Slime Dripped Through

My goal is to not end the story but keep the reader thinking.

Drip, drip, drip the water slowly dripped onto Lucas’s  head. “Why do we even have to come under here anyway” Lucas whispered, “we need to come down here because security above ground is too strong for us to get thought that way” Noah whispered back annoyance clear in his words. when they were further on Lucas yelled “ahhh what was that” Noah swung the torch around to see what was happening. Get up its just slime, but Lucas still shivered  when the slime dripped though.

4 Responses

  1. coolgameman5000 at |

    I think you compleded your goal also it was a nice piece

  2. indigo2014 at |

    It was a really good piece because you followed and completed your goal. Your story was interesting enough to raise questions, like: Why were they underground? What were they trying to get/find? and, Why and how did slime get where they are?
    Good job.
    Keep Writing.

  3. Karime at |

    This was a very nice story and I like how you can continue it in your mind and it could keep going and going.

  4. samuel at |

    i think you achieved your goal


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