BTN- Aboriginal Cricket

Summary- Black

Recalls- Red

Questions- Blue

Insights- Green

This clip was about how there has not been much Aboriginals playing cricket but people are trying to get more Aboriginals playing cricket.

The first Aussie sports team to play a match overseas was an all Indigenous cricket team 145 years ago! In the history of Test cricket only two Aboriginal people have played for Australia. The two players were Faith Thomas and Jason ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie.

A question I have is that how many Aboriginal people played professional cricket but not for Australia? Another question I have is that which places did the Aboriginal cricket team play at?

An insight I have is that Aboriginals were just as good as other cricketers. 

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  1. phoebe2014 at |

    Nice job Ethan on this BTN! You have really good recalls and obviously cared a lot about this topic. Your insight is also very well thought out. Your three recalls also make sense and someone could learn quite a lot from this.
    You seem to be getting this quite well, so maybe next time you might add in more recalls or something. And three recalls doesn’t mean three sentences, they could be a whole paragraph but just focusing on one main idea.
    Nice job,


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