Aquarium excursion reflection- Sea Life

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Today help me understand more about adaptations of animals and how they work. I found out about how animals have loads of different adaptations.

Q: Adaptations of penguins. A: they have the blood close to their skin under there wings, so when they open their wings they cool down.Also Penguins have feathers that keep them warm and their babies are brown so they can blend in with boulders.

Q: Adaptations of sharks A:Shark eggs look like seaweed so they blend in with seaweed. If a predator comes the baby shark senses it and stays completely still.


Q: Adaptations of Lion Fish. A:Lion fish have 18 venomous spikes sticking out of their body so predators cant attack them.

Q: Adaptations of Turtles. A:Turtles can live in and out of water.

Q: Adaptions of Lungfish. A:Lungfish have lungs and gills so they can survive in droughts and floods.

Q: Adaptations of Crocodiles. A:Crocodiles can make their heartbeat really slow, so they can hold their breath for two hours.

Q: Adaptations of Fish. A:Fish clean the crocodile’s teeth so it can’t live without the fish.Fish are really colourful so they blend in with the coral and also give the illusion that they’re poisonous.

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