Desert Adaptations- Goal Reflection- The Barking Spider

This term in science we were learning about animal and plant adaptations. Near the end of term, we did a project on an animal or plant that lives in the Australian desert. For the project we had a rubric of what we needed to do. The whole project was mainly about the different adaptations that the animal or plant has to survive in the desert. For the project we were put in partners to do the project. My partner and I were working well at the start, we divided roles evenly and decided who was in charge of each role. Unfortunately, we couldn’t sort out the problems that we had so then the teacher suggested that we should work independently. My animal was the barking spider.

Here are some things that I learnt from this project and my thoughts about it:

3 Facts that I found interesting:

-The barking spider can make a barking sound by rubbing the rows of its palaps against the spines on their lower jaw.

-The barking spider has no teeth so that they rely on their venom to liquefy their prey.

-They are known as the Australia’s Tarantula because they belong to the family Theraphosidae.


If the barking spider didn’t have its bark then it would properly get eaten by red foxes, feral cats, owls and dingos.

The barking spider can kill its prey quickly in case it’s predators are close, or it can just drag its prey back to its burrow where it’s predators cannot get to.


I wonder what the barking spider would be called if it couldn’t bark?

What was the most important thing?

I think that the most important thing that I learnt from this project was that sometimes partnerships just don’t work and that if they don’t work than you need to just keep on going even if that means doing it by yourself. I found that I felt a sense of accomplishment after I finished my project and presented it to the class. I also learn’t how to be a better partner for other people.

How did I learn it?

I learnt how to cope when something doesn’t go right by not giving up and also being able speak up and ask for help. When things didn’t go well I didn’t give up but was able to find a new way to do things and get the job done. I worked out what frustrated me so I knew not to do that to someone else.

Predictions- science inquiry

In my experiment I made a prediction that the balloon with more air would float based on my prior knowledge of balloons and how they float.


For my project this term I feel that I learnt lots about the barking spider and also working in a group. Next time I want to be a really good partner and also I would like to be a bit more creative with the way that I present my information instead of a power point


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  1. John Haigh at |

    Great job Ethan. I was really proud of how you kept going! I think you were probably a pretty good partner before the assignment, but if you’ve learnt more about being a good partner, that’s awesome.

    The most important thing is that being a good partner is important to you.


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