100 WC- Week 40

Baaa daaa da da da daaaa went the carousel music as the kids squealed in delight as the carousel started. “Last ride of the day” shouted the tired conductor as the ride finally came to a stop, once all of the kids and parents had finally disappeared into the distance the conductor sighed a breath of relief home sweet home he breathed to himself as he crawled into his car. 5 minutes after his car had gone a strange thing started to happen, the horses were breaking free of their ropes and running of into the sunset.


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  1. antsclass at |

    This is a lovely piece with several engaging moments. You use sound and speech to bring moments to life. Being more careful with your sentence structure and punctuation when you reread will really help polish your writing.
    Great work,

  2. Hamish Talko at |

    I like the sound at the start it is the actual carousel music from hamish


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