100WC- Cushion, Scarlet, Watered, Violin, Annoying

The leaves rustled in the wind as I surveyed my surroundings. I was in a vast open garden with trees as tall as houses and lush, green grass. I was happy, I felt safe, but then I saw a flash of scarlet from the corner of the garden. A cushion came whizzing out from a bush as out came my annoying brother, laughing at me as my eyes watered from the sting of the cushion. He ran inside before I could register what he had done. I decided to ignore him and continue my journey. As I sat I could hear the faint sounds of the violin through the trees.

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  1. Finn Darlington at |

    Great work Ethan.
    I liked how the character didn’t try to hit his brother back I thought that was very wise.
    Awesome work (as always)

  2. pippa2015 at |

    I really love this! But maybe you could of explained who or what the ‘scarlet’ is.
    But I still really like it!


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