100 wc

Tap, tap, tap the water dripping of the drain sounded like a song with a constant beat. I listened as the tapping made me fall asleep. “Bang!” I woke with a start, what was that noise what was going on?? I looked at the window, it was a cloudless night when all of a sudden … [Read more…]


Link BTN Facts- blue Questions- Green Insights- Red   The Greek came up with democracy. Democracy is one of the most popular forms of government. In Australia we use representative democracy.  What is the least used form of government? When did we choose to use representative democracy?    An insight I have is that democracy … [Read more…]

SRC Application

I think that I would be a great SRC rep because: I am organised in the way that i get to school on time and have all Of my things ready for the day.  I show communication when I play Soccer on the weekends because need to communicate and work with my team. I respect the … [Read more…]

Letter to Caitlyn

Letter to Caitlyn Hi Caitlyn, My name is Ethan; I am really excited to be in the class of 5/6B this year! I have a brother called Jared who is 13 and a sister who is 16. I have been at MPPS since prep and have enjoyed learning here and making friends. Outside of school … [Read more…]