100 WC Week #6

Zoom I speed down the hill on my brand new bike. I felt so free flying down the hill I felt weightless. I was as light as a feather as I crashed into the the seats and flew of my bike and into the pond. I splashed into the pond and sank straight to the … [Read more…]

Goals for term 4

Work and Study:   A goal I have is to learn more about mapping and timetables because I am not very good at it and I will need these things later when I move on to high school. I would also like to learn more spelling because I find that I struggle with that. Also … [Read more…]

100WC week 44

The water felt cool on my skin as I swam though the beautiful blue water. All of my friends were around me joining in the midday swim. It was the hottest part of the day and I felt so relaxed, so at home. After 5 relaxing minutes of being in cool deep water, I decided … [Read more…]

BTN- 20 years of Harry Potter

Link- BTN Summary- Black Recalls- Red Questions- Green Insights- Blue This clip was about how people have been celebrating 20 years since the first Harry Potter book came out. A recall I have is that originally there were only 500 copies made. Another recall I have is that originally the first book was rejected by … [Read more…]

100 WC- When all of a sudden

“Hello are you up there Tiger” shouted Luke but I remained silent and watchful as Luke circled the tree once but then  headed back inside. I was happy up here, by myself and with no one to boss me around. Up here no one would try to even come halfway up because this is my special … [Read more…]

BTN- School Sport

Summary- Black Recalls-Red  Questions- blue Insights- Green Link- BTN Think clip was about how a kid got dropped out of Aussie rules team but then he joined a American Football team. Louisiana State University has its own 95 thousand seat stadium, in America, school football is very big business, the American ball is a lot smaller than the … [Read more…]