Venice Canals

The mossy wall continues in the cool deep blue water The golden sun reflects off the shiny clear blue water The peaceful wind whistles against the rippling water The ripples against the water are like raindrops hitting a pool I brush my hand against the water’s surface and sigh in relaxation Where are they? Peaceful … [Read more…]

100 WC Week #6

Zoom I speed down the hill on my brand new bike. I felt so free flying down the hill I felt weightless. I was as light as a feather as I crashed into the the seats and flew of my bike and into the pond. I splashed into the pond and sank straight to the … [Read more…]

Goals for term 4

Work and Study:   A goal I have is to learn more about mapping and timetables because I am not very good at it and I will need these things later when I move on to high school. I would also like to learn more spelling because I find that I struggle with that. Also … [Read more…]

100WC week 44

The water felt cool on my skin as I swam though the beautiful blue water. All of my friends were around me joining in the midday swim. It was the hottest part of the day and I felt so relaxed, so at home. After 5 relaxing minutes of being in cool deep water, I decided … [Read more…]