GDP data turned into a graph

I made this bar graph from this data. USA 42066 Holand 36544 Canada 35222 Australia 34835 Belgium 32641 Germany 32349 Taiwan 31346 UK 31217 Japan 30866 France 30062 Spain 26662 Italy 26370 Greece 26313 Korea 25256 Comments: I chose a bar graph because it fits with the data (a big survey). Here is some information … [Read more…]

BTN- Aboriginal Cricket

Summary- Black Recalls- Red Questions- Blue Insights- Green This clip was about how there has not been much Aboriginals playing cricket but people are trying to get more Aboriginals playing cricket. The first Aussie sports team to play a match overseas was an all Indigenous cricket team 145 years ago! In the history of Test … [Read more…]

BTN- the animals of WW1

Summary- Black Recalls- Blue Questions- Red Insights- Green This clip was about the different animals of WWI and how they were useful. More than 136 thousand Australian horses were sent to WWI. Horses, donkeys, camels, pigeons and Dogs were some of the animals sent to WWI. Animals were so successful in WWI they’ve been used in … [Read more…]

BTN- Refugee sport

Link- BTN Summary- Black Recalls- Red Questions- Blue Insights- Green This clip was about how some refugees got to play soccer on a pitch near the refugee camp and how Alex Scott (Arsenal Ladies Captain) help inspire the girls to keep on playing soccer. More than 3.3 million people have been forced to leave their … [Read more…]

100 WC week 29

My goal for this piece is to not use too many boring words like went and use WOW words instead. Tap, tap the rain gently hit the window. I glanced up to see outside the classroom where the rain was gently but steadily coming down. Beep, Beep rang the school bell, I jumped up with … [Read more…]

BTN- Space Rocks

Link- BTN Summary- Blue Recalls- Red Questions- Black Insights- Green This clip was about what meteors, asteroids and comets are and how they are different. Also about the meteor that exploded over Russia. Comets are made up from chunks of ice and dust. Some Meteors are really valuable because they let scientists study the stuff that … [Read more…]