100WC week 44

The water felt cool on my skin as I swam though the beautiful blue water. All of my friends were around me joining in the midday swim. It was the hottest part of the day and I felt so relaxed, so at home. After 5 relaxing minutes of being in cool deep water, I decided … [Read more…]

100 WC- When all of a sudden

“Hello are you up there Tiger” shouted Luke but I remained silent and watchful as Luke circled the tree once but then  headed back inside. I was happy up here, by myself and with no one to boss me around. Up here no one would try to even come halfway up because this is my special … [Read more…]

100 WC- Week 40

Baaa daaa da da da daaaa went the carousel music as the kids squealed in delight as the carousel started. “Last ride of the day” shouted the tired conductor as the ride finally came to a stop, once all of the kids and parents had finally disappeared into the distance the conductor sighed a breath … [Read more…]

100-WC Week 32

My goal is to use a sizzling start in my writing. “Crash” the building fell down with a bang Joe was happy it was time to start the construction of his new restaurant, it was going to be his sixth one for his empire. As all the other restaurants it was going to have a … [Read more…]